Project Management


Provide short answers to the question listed on the uploaded attachment. One source is needed for questions 9a-9c and one source is needed for 10a-10c

9a. Read about recruiting and retention (R&R) strategies. Conduct an Internet search, find two companies in the technology industry and describe their R&R

strategies. Provide examples to illustrate your answer


9b. In your opinion, which retention strategy is most effective?


9c. Search the web for team building activities and describe two Team Building Activities, games, and problem solving exercises.

One source is needed for 9a-9c


10a. Conduct an Internet search for communication management software. Identify a name of a vendor and provide the web-address for the vendor.


10b. Describe the communication management software in your own words.


10c. How would this communication management software help you manage virtual team members?

One source is needed for 10a-10c.