Preparing your paragraph for this week's forum


Now that you have completed the analysis of the article you selected from Rereading America in 2, #1, please prepare a
one-to- three paragraph essay that discusses the value of this article and share it with your classmates. You may have to
conduct some research beyond this article. This short essay must do the following:
Introduce the author (and his or her title-New York Times journalist? Stanford professor? Cleveland physician?) and
the title of the article.
Make a judgment about the articles value in a thesis (or topic sentence if this essay is just one paragraph)
Identify at least one standard you have used to help you make your judgment: for example, does the author rely on
academic sources to support his or her claims? Is it developed with compelling examples or evidence?
Provide an example or examples or evidence from the article that supports your thesis-
Provide closure with an appropriate conclusion
Provide a work cited entry for the article. Because you are taking this article from our textbook, please use the model
for an essay from an anthology. You will find it on page 540, model #11.
After submitting this paragraph in this assignment box for my comments, please post it in the forum for Week2, #5 below and
provide a reaction to at least two other students’ posts. You might, for instance, comment on the significance their article has
to the community in which you live-