Polymer Characterization Using Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis (SEM)

I require a writer in the material engineering field as possible. This is a research paper. Technical writing is required here with thorough discussion. Please be careful and discuss only in relation to polymers characterizations like morphology and crystallinity.

This is the outline to be followed in the paper. Thorough discussion is required since it is a research paper. You are allowed to include pictures for the illustrations. You can use as much sources as you need, there is no limit, as long as they are credible.

“Polymer Characterization using Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis (SEM)”
A. Scanning Electron Microscopy analysis (SEM):
• Background about the analysis: talk about what is scanning electron microscopy
• Uses and Application: what is it used for and what can you obtain from it (in relation to POLYMERS)
• Operational principle: (How does it work)
• Parts of the apparatus. (Include pictures with labels).
• Modes of operation.
B. Experimental Procedures:
• General set-up of the apparatus. (better to include pictures with labels)
• How samples are prepared and what are the requirements and characteristics of the sample used.
C. Data analysis: (important to include pictures with thorough discussion here.)
• Show and discuss the results obtained when using this apparatus. (Be sure to use pictures and illustration of these pictures).
• Should include more than one result with illustration and pictures.
D. Pitfalls and tips:
• Discuss common issues with this analysis.
• Discuss advantages of using this analysis.
• Discuss alternative analysis tests (e.g. TEM analysis). It is recommended t include short comparison between SEM vs. TEM.
E. Summary and Conclusion:

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