Political science

Book Used: countries and concepts by Michael G. Roskin

Hybrid Regimes
What was Anderson referring to when he talks about ?progress?? What did the increase in murders in Siam/Thailand indicate? How did the Thai government deal with the Communist Party of Thailand (CPT)? Were they initially successful? Why did the CPT disband? What role did the second generation Chinese play in Thailand?

What is a competitive authoritarian regime? What are the four arenas of contestation?
What are the three paths to competitive authoritarianism?

What?s Karl and Schmitter definition of a democracy? What are some key ingredients that are needed to be a democracy? Why is some uncertainty necessary? What are some things that a democracy may not have but an authoritarian regime would possess? What is an illiberal democracy? What are the differences between Karl and Schmitter and Zakaria?s definition of democracy? What is constitutional liberalism? Why is it important? What is the Democratic Peace theory? How does Zakaria feel about elections? What foreign policies does he recommend for the U.S. to adopt?

Who were the first Europeans to arrive in Japan? Who were the Tokugawa and what did they accomplish? What was the Meiji Restoration? What did Japan do in 1895? Why did the army take control of Japan? Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor? What were the consequences of Japan?s actions? What changes did MacArthur make? Where they effective? How influential is the Japanese PM? What about the cabinet members? Describe the Diet. Discuss political parties in Japan. What role does the Japanese bureaucracy play in politics and why? How has Japan addressed its actions during WWII? What are some characteristics of traditional Japanese culture? What about the new generation of Japanese? What is the relationship between the Japanese government and the economy? What are some key Japanese quarrels?

Who was Reza Khan and what did he do? What was the relationship between the U.S. and Iran before 1979? What were some reasons for the Iranian revolution? Why was there a revolution? What was the ultimate aim of the revolution? What were the main groups? What is a theocracy? Describe Iran?s theocracy? What role does the Ayatollah play? What about the President? Who was the first Ayatollah? Who?s the current Ayatollah? Describe Iran?s legislature. Discuss political parties in Iran. What is the relationship between secularization and modernization as it pertains to Iran? Discuss the relationship between Iranian nationalism and Islam. What happened in the most recent Iranian presidential elections? What are some key Iranian quarrels?



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