Political science

NOTE: Only complete this test if you were not present for the meal / test on 14 April or if you did not submit your answer to me over

a. Read these instructions, complete the test in Word format and submit through Turn-it in on BlackBoard. Due Date: 26 April

b. Using the attached simulation packet: “A Wicked Problem,” the text book, and any other source of your choosing, answer the following


1. Short Answer (1-2 Paragraphs). Tell me something about someone in the class that is from a country other than the one you are from. Can

be an interest, can be a political point of view…

2. Long Answer (2-3 Pages, 12 font). Using all elements of national power (Diplomacy, Information, Military, Economics), How would you

solve the refugee crisis in Syria if you were the United States of America?

in the question 1 just write a half page. and I’m from Saudi Arabia and my Friend from USA.