Political science

• Write 7-8 page typed essay using at least 5 different sources (books, journals, newspapers, official government web sites, and major

political magazines are acceptable) Be sure to properly cite your sources. Add reference page APA Format. Address the following points:

A) Describe the type of government the particular city (BALTIMORE) and county has in place (mayor council, council manager, weak or strong

mayor, district vs at large etc.)

B) Discuss significant political reforms over the years in Baltimore MD (changes in the powers of the mayor’s office, switch from at-large to

district based elections or vice versa, hiring a manager, non partisan elections.0

C) Highlight significant issues in local politics in that area (BALTIMORE) ( What are the important political topics in that city? What do

people “fight” about? What issues are important in local elections?)

D) Mention any key public officials and private individuals or companies that influence the local political landscape (Who are the key

political players, why are they important? Why businesses or corporations are located in or have a significant presence in Baltimore?)