Policymaker Interview Assignment

Conduct an interview with at least 3 influential people in policy for Human Services. The interviews the student chooses to conduct must have a position in policy related to Human Services. Interview questions should be drafted by the student and contain a minimum of 10questions. The questions should address:

Current policy topics not yet a regulation/law
Policy influence on vulnerable adults or those receiving human services
Benefit for the greater good
Lobbying opportunities to help influence the outcome
Once the interviews are completed the student should summarize and draft a report no longer than (1) page for the instructor.

talk about what the interview questions are . use healthcare organizations in Minnesota if you can find any and say you meant them face to face .
Comments from Support Team: Discipline: POLICY FOR HUMAN SERVICES
I want the results of the interview based on what i requested. does that make sense? i don’t need the interview questions . i just need the outcome of the three interviews based on what i asked for.

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