play: othello and Barbara Schapiro

play: othello and Barbara Schapiro, “Psychoanalysis and the Problem of Evil: Debating Othello in the Classroom

First, read the essay by Barbara Schapiro, “Psychoanalysis and the Problem of Evil: Debating Othello in the Classroom.”

write a 4-5 page essay, respond to Schapiro’s argument, arguing for your own interpretation of
Your stance on the Othello-Iago relationship. Is Iago a kind of “projection” of Othello’s own character? Or is Iago better seen as an outside force acting upon Othello? Or do you think that both views are necessary to get a more complete picture of their interactions? What does it mean to choose a side or to choose both?
please remember that you are writing an argument: a clear thesis and compelling supporting evidence will be essential to success. Be able to cite from Schapiro’s argument as well as work with a few key passages from Othello.
Also, you should be able to define, preferably from the start, what exactly is Schapiro’s overall argument, and then be able to narrow your focus to your particular subject of concern within that argument. Remember, Schapiro provides one of possibly many different perspectives, and at times she may simply present ideas more than she argues for any one interpretation; at the same time, there is an overall argument that structures her dealing with the play, and it’s important to recognize what her authorial purposes are in assessing and responding to what she presents about individual characters and scenes.
sources should be from these two documents on Schapiro and Othello play