Plan a Public Awareness Event


Email Assignment (10%)
Choose what organization you work for: medical office, hospital, command centre, fire station, pharmacy, or healthcare clinic.
Your choice of organization will be hosting a public awareness event. {For example, an event that educates about a particular disease or sickness.}

You need to create a mass email which includes:
• an overview / summary of the event,

• the date, time, and location of the event,

• a description of what attendees will benefit from the event,

• a list of items that email recipients should bring to the event,
{In this list of items, include that recipients may bring the set of directions in this email [the next bullet point] to guide them around road closure.

Here, briefly explain the road closure.}

• a set of directions to the event facility
Your directions must include at least 6 steps. Attached is the map you will use for your list of directions. Pick a random point on the map to be your

organization’s location. You must include at least two landmarks found on the attached map, and you must direct readers around road closure – the road

closure that was explained under “list of items to bring” – at another point in the map.
Introduce your directions as such: “Driving east/south/west/north on (name of a main road on map below), …”. Final step should be a turn that arrives at

your organization’s building.