physics human of body


physics human of body
Assignment 1

1. What are the two major types of material found in bone?
2. Very briefly describe five purposes of bone.
3. Explain one of the main reasons humans evolved to stand upright and name several things we see in our bodies that show this.

Assignment 2

1. What is momentum? How does it affect football and rugby players?
2. What is drag and how does it affect swimmers?
3. Why does a skater spin faster when he or she brings their arm in close?
4. Without going into detail briefly describe the two ways x-rays are produced
5. Very briefly, without detail, describe the four ways x-rays interact with the tissues in the body and note which ways image the body and which ways

are used to kill cancer.

Assignment 3

1. Name and describe the important points of how a molecule of glucose is converted into ATP.
2. What are the three basic types of food, and what part of the intestines are they absorbed.
3. What is a carbohydrate? How does it relate to what we call “sugar.”