Photoshop Projects


Photoshop Projects
You are a young graduate graphic designer and you have been employed now for over two years by Creative Innovation Ltd a small graphic design company which specialises in graphics, for communication, web, motion and cinematic arts and branding. Your linemanager is quite pleased with your graphic design skills to date on various campaigns and designs for posters you have created. The company have been approached by a new small start up company which specialises in gluten free, dairy free and sugar free products due the rise and increase of food intolerances. They produce a range of products such as energy bars, cakes, breads, sweet treats using a range of healthy ingredients. No refined sugars are used. They are planning and targeting an age range from late twenties to early forties, or those too who might have young families so they wish to encourage a healthier way of eating. They require a design of a package and a brand name also so they are relying on your creative skills

Design Process:

Experiment with image manipulation software, scanner and digital camera, keep at least two experiments.

Final design Specification, your designs must adhere to the following:
• A brand name – logo using conventions appropriate to graphics for communication
• A final package which will be an appropriate size for product. Print the design in A3 colour and create a visual mocked up final prototype that you can present to the client.

Design Development Documentation
Keep a step by step of the design process you must include some screenshots of the techniques used in image editing software and hardware external devices such as digital camera and scanner.