philosophical essay by Douglas J. Soccio’s book.

The essay should defend a bold thesis and the thesis of your paper should be dedicated to addressing a specific problem and should not take the form of any kind of commentary or impressionistic declaration. Students can obtain information about writing a philosophical essay by consulting Douglas J. Soccio’s book, How to Get the Most Out of Philosophy. Here is the topic for the writing assignment: -Socrates states that the unexamined life is not worth living and he also claims that there is an intimate connection between the idea and philosophy. In light of Socrates’ position, please write a critical and analytical essay on the following topic. -Please explain the distinction between DuBois’s concept of ‘double consciousness’ and his concept of ‘second sight’. Next, please critically discuss the role of these two concepts within Dubois’s discussion of the African American experience. Lastly, please state whether you agree/disagree with Dubois and give reasons for your position. Your paper should satisfy the following minimal guidelines: Typed Five (5) pages Follow MLA manual of style Times New Roman 11 Double space All papers will be evaluated for: Content Organization Effective argumentation Clarity Sentence level concerns (i.e., grammar, spelling, syntax) Critical understanding of the ideas and/or philosophical theories under discussion. (If any of these components is deemed unsatisfactory, the paper as a whole will be considered unsatisfactory) Please do not use the internet as a major resource for this assignment.