Personal values

Instructions: To complete the assignment, begin by choosing one of the approaches below to identify your values. Follow the steps of the approach. When you have identified three to five values that you genuinely hold, answer the questions below in a separate Microsoft Word document.

1. In this approach, you can begin by listing activities you enjoy. You might also answer exploratory questions, such as “what would you do with unlimited funds?”
2. Provide lengthy responses to these questions.
3. Then, review the responses you provided with the intention of identifying the values reflected in your responses.
Describe the approach you took in identifying your three to five values. Which approach did you choose from the list above, and how did you use the approach to identify your values (1–2 paragraphs)?

What values did you identify, and what does each value mean to you exactly (1–2 paragraphs that includes the values you identified along with personally meaningful definitions in your own words)?

Sukinennik and Raufman (2016) suggest that you consider how you will use your values. They ask the question “In the service of what need, will you put your values to work?” (p. 47). Express your values in the form of a mission statement (1–2 sentences that are goal-oriented and that include the values listed above).P(5.u)

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