Paradigm Assignment

CRIJ 3305 – Criminology
Fall 2017
Research Paper #1 – Paradigm Assignment Sheet
Due by 9/17 @ 11:59pm (CST)
Select a criminological paradigm (Classical, Positivist or Marxist), and write a 5-page literature review
on the paradigm. Within the literature review, you must cite at least five (5) academic journal articles.
Be sure to explain the major elements of the selected paradigm, then tell me your own personal view
of that paradigm.
• Do you agree with it? If so, then why?
• Do you disagree with it? If so, then why?
Be sure to include all elements of a literature review, and draft it within APA formatting and guidelines.
Deductions will accrue with any noted grammar, spelling and formatting errors.
Required Elements:
1. Paper Length – 5-pages of text _______ 15 points
2. Properly described selected paradigm _______ 20 points
3. Literature Review Elements _______ 20 points
4. Proper Spelling, Grammar and Structure _______ 20 points
5. 5 Academic Journal Articles cited _______ 5 points
6. Works Cited Page (correct APA citation formatting) _______ 10 points
7. Internal Citations (correct APA citation formatting) _______ 10 points
Total Points 100


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