ovarian cancer

A&P I Section: _____________
defines the disease; provides relevant background information; introduces the focus of the paper
DIAGNOSIS 2 what to look for; how to find it; what are problems with diagnoses, if any
SYMPTOMS 2 not just a list of symptoms; details provided
TREATMENT 2 not just a list of medication/treatment types; details describing how medications/treatments work (what they target and how

they work)
NEW & CURRENT RESEARCH 2 what is the current research on the disease/condition? any new and exciting things researchers are looking into?
CONCLUSION 2 take home message; why should we care?
IN-TEXT CITATIONS 3 everything must be cited in CSE format!
WORKS CITED 1 at the end of the paper and must be in correct CSE format
AT LEAST 3 PRIMARY LITERATURE SOURCES 3 this is one of the main purposes of this assignment… be sure to have at least 3 primary sources.