Organizational Dynamics and Governance RE 3

Write a substantive response, use in text citation and references. You are to respond to the peer text. Check files Uploaded Use example

response file as an outline on how toproperly write a response.
Post a(substantive) response to the following text:

Regarding the importance of team building retreats and/or training sessions, discuss the effectiveness of those you have been involved in. What

effect did they have on your performance and attitudes in the short run and the long run? Did they fulfill their stated objectives? Did they

fulfill your expectations?

I have participated in multiple leadership and team building training courses. Recently, I completed a leadership course that included the Speed

of Trust program by Franklin Covey, the DiSC assessment, and tools for performance management and coaching. Each of these topics was very

interesting as discussion points, but only a few have become useful in practice. The Speed of Trust program focused on the importance of trust

between team members and how to build that trust. Ultimately, a high level of trust leads to an efficient and productive team. This concept is

something that I keep in the back of my mind, but I do not think the tools provided in the course were all that effective. I have all the

content from the training course and I reference it from time to time when I need to. Overall, my attitude and performance have not

significantly changed, but this part of my team building training contributed to how I operate as a leader.
The DiSC assessment was the most useful part of my leadership training. This pointed out my character traits and gave me insight into how I

operate with others. It also gave me the tools to identify other personality types and taught me how others might like to be treated. The most

significant lesson from this part of the course was that everybody operates in a different way, and everyone approaches problems with a

different perspective. More than anything, this training changed my viewpoint on the importance of team building.
Performance management is a part of leadership that I do not necessarily enjoy. While this part of the training was useful for those situations,

I do not use it frequently. This was another area that provided tools for a situation I might encounter, but did not affect my performance or

attitude. The training met their stated objectives and my expectations. They reviewed each topic and objective stated, and I expected to leave

the training with some new perspectives on leadership and the tools to handle difficult situations in the event they came up

Keep in mind posting, should be substantive based on evidence ( concepts, ideas, evidence-based research or practice which must be

cited) and well supported with examples and details (from professional experience is acceptable, but must be substantiated with supportive

evidence and cited appropriately [citation in text and a reference list). Brief responses and personal opinions are not

appropriate .The response should meet a minimal requirement of at least a paragraph in length, A paragraph should contain at least

three (3) complete statements.