Operations as a process / Process Mining

” The individual paper will require you to conduct research using the Stevens online library, or other online libraries, of journals and

research papers. Exclusive use of Google/Internet searches will not be sufficient to complete your paper. Submission is a DOC/PDF document

of the paper AND a PPT/ PDF presentation. The Individual Paper will be presented in class.
Assignment Details:
You have been assigned a Systems Analysis topic, below. For your assigned topic, use the Stevens Library resources to identify three (3)

reasons why your assigned topic is important to Systems Analysts and Developers. Explain the negative impact if your assigned area is not

managed effectively.
Paper should be NO LESS THAN 10 pages in length, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point font. Cover page, Table of Contents, tables,

graphics, and images DO NOT count towards your page total. Use AT LEAST five external sources to support your paper. External sources must

be referenced in footnotes and/or a bibliography.
Papers will be graded on the clarity of your answer, depth of your research, and the overall organization and structure of the paper.
Suggested Outline:
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Introduction – state your three (3) reasons.
Explain your assigned main topic
Explain Point 1
Explain Point 2
Explain Point 3
Analysis and Conclusion