Nursing ethics on religion and culture

Nursing 480 Capstone
Department of Nursing and Health Professions
Developed by Lisa Sue Flood, RN, MSN, this is replicated with permission from the QSEN competencies and has been augmented to meet the needs of the RN-BS Program @ SNHU.
Flood, L. S. (2007). Using a capstone cultural diversity paper for program outcomes evaluation. Nursing Education Perspectives, 28(3), 130 – 135.
Option # 1:
Guidelines for Cultural Diversity Paper
Students will need to interview a person of a different race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation to complete part of this assignment. The paper consists of three parts. In Part I, the student interviews a client using a standard cultural assessment tool (minimum 3–5 pages). In Part II, the student must submit a typed analysis of the client’s diversity supported with in-text references citations (minimum 3 – 4 pages). In Part III, the student must submit…a personal reflection of how this knowledge might influence their nursing care with persons from different cultures (minimum 2 pages). Part IV: The student must submit an analysis of the key nursing role they would assume to meet this patient’s healthcare needs and how they would assess the opportunities and challenges of that role (minimum of 3 pages). Students will also incorporate identify the varying healthcare providers that will be contributing to the patient’s wellness program and develop strategies to promote high quality Interprofessional communication to achieve the intended positive patient outcomes. The paper should follow strict APA format, being mindful of the penalties for plagiarism.