1. What is the disorder that you selected and what part of the nervous system is effected? (Peripheral, Central, Cranial nerves (which ones?), somatic or autonomic). Does it affect specific areas or types of cells in the nervous system? If it is the brain that is effected, identify the part.

2. What is the cause of the disorder if it is known? Does it affect certain ages, ethnic groups, or who is most susceptible to developing the disorder?

3. What is the course of the disease and what can prevent, delay, or cure the disorder?

4. Are neurotransmitters involved in the disorder, if so which ones? Is it a sensory or motor disorder?

5.Describe pain and pain perception.

6. Explain the concept of referred pain. Provide 2 examples.

7. How does the body thermoregulate? What occurs when these systems fail?

8. Compare and contrast sensorineural hearing disorders, conductive hearing disorders, and mixed hearing loss.