Native American Studies Research Paper

Topic: Native American Studies Research Paper
Paper instructions:
Six pages, double-spaced. Submit to D2L as a Word document.
Focusing on one of the four tribes we have studied in class (i.e.
Anishinaabe, Cherokee, Tohono O’odham or Yurok) AND one additional tribe
of your choice, compare and contrast a specific contemporary issue
(1960s-present) that has impacted both tribes. Briefly describe the
historical context of the issue. For example, coal mining on Navajo
Nation is rooted in economic policies dating from the early twentieth
Please focus on one of the following topics:
• Impacts of and responses to important Court cases (e.g. Oliphant) or
Legislation (e.g. Violence Against Women Act)
• Creation stories and their impact on tribal identity
• Economic development
• Employment and/or job training
• Environmental rights or Environmental Justice
• Gender Roles
• Health programs
• International border issues
• Land management
• Native language issues, such as language revitalization
• Political activism
• Religious freedom
• Reserved Rights (e.g. land, water, fish, etc.)
• Sovereignty
• Treaty Rights
You may propose a different topic to your TA by November 25 through
email. The essay is due Thursday, December 5 by 9 p.m. to D2L Dropbox.

You should have at least 5 references. One of the references must be an
academic article. A second reference must come from a credible news
source. If you have questions whether a source is appropriate, feel free
to ask your TA. Provide clear definitions or explanations of key terms
and concepts that you use in your paper. Make your text understandable
for every reader, while demonstrating critical insight concerning the
subject matter. This is an analytical paper.

In addition to mainstream media outlets the following list of websites
dedicated to Indigenous issues may be helpful in locating relevant

• United States based news source:
• United States based news source:
• United States based news source:
• Lakota Nation News site:
• Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma news room:
• Navajo Nation news site:
• White Earth Indian Reservation:
• News source for federally recognized tribes in Oklahoma:
• United States based news blog (focus on law):
• United States based indigenous rights organization:
• United States based indigenous legal organization: www.tribal-
• U.S. government Bureau of Indian Affairs:
• International Working Group on Indigenous Affairs (specialist
• News source for the Maori in New Zealand:
• News source for First Nations in Canada:
• News source for Aboriginal peoples in Australia:
• United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous
• United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues:
• Organizations of American States Special Rapporteur on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples: