Narrative essay


write about an event that impacted your life including the conflict and resolution of your narrative.
Using the first person point of view, develop the story line.
In effective narratives, there is a five point development:

1) Exposition / Prologue -This provides background and sets the stage for your narrative.
2) Rising Action -This develops the conflict of the narrative.
3) Climax or Turning Point-This is the highest point of intensity in your narrative.
4) Falling Action-This recounts events that happen after the climax of your narrative.
5. Resolution -This is different than a conclusion since it conveys how the conflict of the narrative was resolved. For the development of this paper,

utilize the five points of narrative writing.

In addition to the five point development of your narrative, utilize key literary elements for communicating your narrative such as plot, setting,

theme, and dynamic characterization (for definitions of these terms, click “help files” on the upper right of this module page).
The challenging element of writing a narrative is how to convey in a clear manner the main character’s actions without merely listing a sequencing of

facts. The character’s actions should speak and show the underlying feelings and emotions of the situation.