muscle skeletal MRI


muscle skeletal MRI

1. Discuss the emerging technique of using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to perform muscle fibre tracking.
2. Discuss current and emerging MRI techniques used in the imaging of cartilage..

Q1 structure
*Introduction into Diffusion weighting imaging DWI
*Introduction into diffusion tensor imaging DTI
*the emerging technique MRI-DTI
*Advantages of DTI for performing muscle finer tracking
*Limitation of using DTI in muscle fiber tracking
Useful articles are attached.
please include images and diagrams to improve the understand of the information..

please read the article carefully and provide high quality information that cover all the important points for the Q1.

1000 words for Q1

Q2 structure is explained in Recent Advances in MRI of Articular Cartilage AND MR diffusion tensor imaging: recent advance and new techniques for diffusion tensor visualization article attached
Part one:
you must talk briefly about emerging MR techniques and include all sequences are using to mage the cartilage

mention the sequence, provide brief concept and how works with images acquired by each sequence as you can see thruoghout the articles attached.

Part Two:

please mention the the grading system that describe cartilage damage. article for this question is attached.

please read the questions and articles carefully to understand the exact requested information. I give you a guide to help you understanding some important points you should pay attention when reading.
1200 words
maximum articles are 10 and no website references acceptable. So, try to use my articles attached.