Mozart, Symphonies 39 & 40 This report should be a minimum of 2 pages, double spaced. a)The names of the performers or performing group and the conductor if applicable. b)Date and Time of the performance (If you are viewing/listening to a recorded performance please include the date you viewed it.) b)The list of musical pieces performed with composer c)The time period that the music performed falls into as classified in the chapters of our book. d) A detailed report of your response to the music (you may need to take notes as you listen to be able to do this adequately – refer to the listening assignments/worksheets completed so far.) Please focus on the music during this section and not other details of the performance. e)A subjective response to the performance (Your personal opinion based on your individual experience). that link is how the report should be written, the period of the music is classical music, the conductor is Jos van Immerseel.