Movie Analysis

Movie Analysis Procedure
After watching a movie of your choice, you will consider the subject matter and the theories of interpersonal communication that were evident

to you in the movie.

1. Next, type a 3- 31/2page essay that identifies communication phenomenon you saw occurring (perception, nonverbal communication,

empathic listening, etc.) and how the characters and events exemplify the concepts you read about in Reflect and Relate.

2. Concepts and terms from the text must be used (accurately) in the writing of your paper. Highlight the primary terms you use in the

essay either by underlining them or putting them in bold face type. Be sure to define any terms you use from the text and document the page

number if you use any direct quotes or close paraphrases.

3. Proper format for this essay is MLA: one-inch margins, double-spaced throughout, using Times New Roman 12-point font. Proofread and

correct errors in grammar and spelling.

Below is a suggested organizational scheme for the Movie Analysis. You do not have to follow this exact scheme, but it gives you an idea of

how paper may be organized.

1. Introduction identifies relevant characters and major plot/premise of the movie and previews primary concepts discussed in the paper, no

more than three paragraphs, max.

2.Analysis of communication and specific application of communication principles, (take several major principles or ideas and support these

with specific examples from the movie). I am searching for a comprehensive understanding of course materials. I want to know that you can

draw links between the concepts and that you understand factors that influence our communication with others, should be the biggest part of

your paper.

3. Evaluation (Is there any aspect of this movie that relates to your communication style?
How do you think you would do in this type of relationship?) (one or two paragraphs,

Grading Scheme for Movie Analysis – 100%

75% – analysis – use of concepts and application of concepts to communication principles

15% – use of MLA and works cited page

10% – over all presentation – grammar etc.