Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study

The Montreaux Chocolate USA case is a good example of a company that has been successful in specific markets and is now entering a new market. While the target demographic profile may be similar, differences are attributable to culture, customer values, and substitute products in one market.

To prepare for this Assignment, review the case study introduced in Week 2: “Montreaux Chocolate USA: Are Americans Ready for a Healthy Dark Chocolate?” Then, consider what you learned from the readings this week. Continue to put yourself in the role of the market research director and create a memo that informs the company leaders who are considering how to improve their value proposition in the eyes of the customer by applying online survey techniques to market research.

Submit your memo that demonstrates how Montreaux could facilitate co-creation of a value proposition that survey respondents would embrace, using a self-completion type of question design.
In addition, formulate three new questions for measuring customer values for the online survey Montreaux Chocolate USA will use. Explain the customer insights you expect to obtain from your questions