Module 2 Discussion


Module 2 Discussion
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Her parents and teacher have agreed that Crystal is showing signs of developmental delays and needs screening. Testing reveals that Crystal has mild

delays in speech but more severe delays in physical development. The parents agree to the free, in-school speech and occupational therapies but later

refuse services when they discover that their daughter was tested by a black diagnostician. Even though the teacher knows that the first tests are

valid and the black diagnostician is competent, the teacher asks that the child be retested by a white diagnostician.
Discuss whether or not the teacher’s decision to retest Crystal was ethical. To support your ideas, use the NAEYC Code of Ethics (Links to an external

site.)Links to an external site.

(Appendix A in your text) and the Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators . To receive full points for this discussion topic, you

should post a thorough response to the topic which includes citing at least 2 principles from the NAEYC Code of Ethics and at least 1 principle from

the Texas Code of Ethics (see link above) to support your views and replying to at least one other student’s posting. See the course calendar and/or

syllabus to see the dates that the discussion will be available.