Minimum nurse-to-patient staffing

Develop a 15-slide PowerPoint presentationin APA format, not including title and reference slides with speaker notes to describe, analyze, and reflect upon your policymaking visit. Write speaker notes sufficient enough to enable someone to take over or give the presentation other than you.

Include 5 slides from thePowerPoint presentation that you used during an actual policymaker visit. Include a minimum of five (5) classic or current references within the past 5 years that specifically support insights gained regarding your policy issue and the policymaking process.


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            Category Points % Description
Visit Description 50 18 Clearly describes the policymaking visit/presentation (includes no more than 5 slides from actual presentation/already included in draft)
Policymaker Response 50 18 Slides and speaker notes discuss responses of policymaker to your message/ask/recommendation(s).
Reflections on Process 50 18 Reflections on process (including supportive evidence), follow-up, and insights gained (issue and process) are clearly described in slide and speaker notes.
Future Opportunities 50 18 Describe possible future opportunities as a result of this meeting/presentation and their importance to nursing.
Conclusions 45 16 Concluding statements summarize content.
APA format 15 6 Slides, speaker notes, and references are completely consistent with APA format.
Presentation/Writing 15 6 Slide and speaker notes content are accurate.Presentation slides are professional in appearance and tone.Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are consistent with formal written work. Balance among space, words/graphics, and color is effective.
Total  275 100 A quality assignment will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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