Write up for investigation (choose one of three questions)

In what ways has the redevelopment of Bristol Harbourside area altered to social, demographic and economic profile of the area?

The rebranding of Cabot Circus (mall in Bristol)) has had a detrimental affect on Broadmead. To what extent t do you agree?

The rebranding and redevelopment of mixed residential areas close to the city centre (Bristol) is a contested process bringing changes that are not always welcomed by certain groups. To what extent is rebranding a contested process?

Must include:

1. Introduction: Write aim, Write a hypothesis and null hypothesis

2.Methodology: Write up how you went about a piece of primary data collection to answer your question include what sampling method you used. Also add what secondary sources you could use to reinforce your data (e.g.:datashine)

3. Data Presentation: Choose at least 2 data presentation methods (isoline, piechart scaled onto map, stacked bar graph etc.)

4. Conclusion: Based upon both primary and secondary data as well as knowledge on redevelopment in bristol harbourside, conclusion about the question

Useful websites:,, datashine