merchandise management

Markdown Analysis

Continuing in your role as a District Merchandise Manager, part of your job is to manage the merchandise in all your stores. This will involve looking for slow sellers to markdown, fast sellers to reorder, merchandise that may need to be transferred, and inventory issues. Each week, we will address a different issue. This week, we will focus on merchandise that could be transferred to different stores for more profitable opportunities.


Download and analyze this sell-through report for possible opportunities in the district. There are some slow-selling items that you will need to take action on through markdowns. Refer back to the online lectures and textbook for hints and pointers. The sell-through report provided will have all the information you will need to make the decisions. In a real-life situation, you would also consult with any department managers or salespersons for additional information.

First: Determine which items are slow sellers.

Second: Determine which slow-selling items should be marked down and explain why.

Third: Determine which slow-selling items should not be marked down and explain why.

Fourth: Determine how much the markdowns should be on each slow-selling item that you have identified to be marked down.

Submit your response in at least 400 words in a Microsoft Word document.

Cite the sources of the class resources, websites, journals, and trade magazines used to obtain data or relevant information. Remember to use the correct MLA format to cite references. Make sure to use correct spelling, grammar, and concise word choices.


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