This Memo/Annotated Bibliography brings together your research for your Business Proposal in one document. Please find two (2) academic/scholarly articles and two non-scholarly but reputable/credible sources (such as newspaper articles, data and/or statistics from government organizations or nonprofit organizations). Please find two academic/scholarly journal articles from the Pfau library databases (EBSCOHost, JSTOR, Elsevier, Project Muse, Science Direct, other databases). You will find good non-scholarly sources on the ProQuest and EBSCOHost databases (along with a few others) and Google can be helpful, too (as long as you search with a discerning and critical eye).


Your annotated bibliography will list each source in alphabetical order in either APA format (similar to the References page) or MLA format (similar to the Works Cited page). After each citation entry, you will write a summary/overview of the source; a rhetorical analysis of the source; and then how this source applies to your planned proposal (these are your annotations about the source). You will then connect that source with another source you selected; how do these sources talk to each other; how do they agree or disagree; how do they approach your topic? Compare and contrast and discuss why the similarities and differences matter. Connecting sources like this is called synthesis; please synthesize the two sources. You will then do the same with the other sources. It should look like the following:


Smith’s source

Jones’s source

Peters’s source

Johnson’s source

One option: Connect Smith with Peters, and then Jones with Johnson, then Peters with Jones, and Johnson with Smith (it’s not a perfect system, but it creates variety when synthesizing sources). Try to mix up your connections; please do not use one source as a base to compare to each other source.


You will organize your research and thoughts with this annotated bibliography, which should make writing your proposal easier.


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