mechatronics technician

A definition essay is a paper that assists in explaining a word to the reader by going beyond the traditional dictionary definition. The word

can be concrete or abstract but it is generally something that is not easily definable in just a few words. Refer to page forty for more


You will write a 5 paragraph essay on your prospective career. The essay will be written in third person, present tense. The introduction and

conclusion should be at least five sentences each, and the body paragraphs should be at least eight sentences each. Be sure to include a clear,

three point thesis at the end of the introduction and a clear topic sentence for each paragraph. Develop your body paragraphs using

descriptions, examples, quotes, etymologies, etc. Use at least three quotes from other sources to support the essay. These must be correctly


Setting Up Page One
• Type all work in Times New Roman 12 font, and double space all work.
• Include the correct header information in this order on the first page of the outline, the rough draft, and the final draft:
Your name
ENG 101i
writing purpose (ex. narrative)

SubmittingRough Drafts
1. Put your header information on the first page of your rough draft in upper left corner: name, class, instructor’s name, date, writing

2. Follow your outline. If you feel you must change the order of information, revise the outline.
3. Develop paragraphs fully with specific details and examples. Your instructor looks for these to add depth and interest to the essay.

Vague statements are boring.
4. Ask your instructor questions about your paper as you work on it. Do this by emailing within BlackBoard. Allow 24 hours to receive a

5. Proofread for mechanical errors like spelling, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, word choice.