Math Problems Logic

These math problems concentrate on logic.

Module Specific Math Content Questions

Please answer ALL of the following:

(1) Using Venn diagrams, give two examples of using AND and OR to describe a set of objects of your choosing. Submit a diagram if you’d like, but it’s fine for you to submit a description of the members of each of the sets from your diagrams.

(2) You’re given nine silver dollars, all of which are weighted equally, except one, which is 1/4 oz. lighter. If given a balance to weigh them, what is the least number of weighings needed to determine which is the light coin?

** Assignment Instructions **
Please submit your solutions for each question and show ALL your work, including steps toward solving and strategies that didn’t work and explain whether you think you got the right answer. Why or why not?. Showing your work and explaining the strategies you use will always help receive partial credit even if you don’t successfully complete the problem.