Marketing the Degree Course

Referencing Guides:
you will develop a plan for marketing the Degree Course you are studying at Bradford University-
The “Product” you are marketing id the degree programme advertised on your Department’s.
Some aspects of Internet Marketing you should cover in your report:
1- Unique selling Points/Value Proposition
– Create a unique Selling Proposition/value Proposition for your Degree Course (what do you thinkare the unique features of your course?)
2- Target Market and competitors:
– Identify and discuss the target market for the product:
– what is the current target market?
– what other markets could this product reach?
3- Marketing-Mix
– Discuss the marketing-mix (4-Ps): you should describe each of the 4-Ps, then discuss and analyze how each one could be used to attract members of the target market.
4- Advertising/Promotions:
– Discuss Promotion and Advertising techniques for Internet Marketing.
– Discuss issues with Promotion/Advertising from the prespective of both the consumer and marketer.
– which techniques would you use to market your Degree Course on the Web and Why?
5- Web Design Online Presence:
– Assume the role of marketing consultant and make specific suggestions for improving the way your course is currently advertised on your Department’s website. it is important that you say why you make the suggestions and how these will result in better appeal to the target market.
6- SEO and Web Analytics:
– Discuss how search Engine Optimisation and web Analytics could help you increase search engine ranking, monitor and analyse traffic to the Degree Course Website.
– Give examples of software that collect web traffic data.
– Explain how cookies can be used for marketing purposes.
– Discuss, from you point of view, what you think of tracking technology (capturing of consumer surfing behaviour). is it acceptable or an invasion of privacy?
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