Marketing and Sales Management (Fast Track year 1)

Assignment details Individual Essay Guidelines
Each week you are required, as a group, to carry out research that is related to the product and the
company of your choice (group assignment: marketing plan). The purpose of this is to help you
begin your project, to gauge your progress and to provide feedback, so you are working towards the
right direction.
Resulting from this group research is an individual essay, which is based on a topic chosen by you
from your research.
The purpose of this essay is to determine whether you have understood the topic chosen and if you
are able to apply the theory related to it to your particular product and company.
Each essay should include at least some of the following points (but not limited to them):
1. Background of the company.
2. What issue (for example, globalisation vs. localisation, the 4Ps, perhaps in particular you can
discuss in depth about the product, pricing, promotion or distribution strategy, branding,
etc.) you will be discussing in your essay. Specify why this topic deserves discussion.
3. The theories relating to the issue.
4. The current situation at the company .
5. If your topic is not about segmentation, targeting and positioning, you need to mention who
your targets are for your particular product and how you intend to position it – there is no
need to analyse it. Just a brief overview and justification is enough.
6. Discuss the current practice of the company. How does this match with your own
understanding of the theories relating to your chosen topic?
7. Conclusion and recommendations (for further research for example).
AMSIB reporting guidelines apply. Font size 12, 1.5 spacing. APA referencing, without the use of
footnote (except for further explanation), is expected. A list of bibliography is required at the end of
the essay.
Word count: between 800‐1000 words. Any more or fewer will result in a deduction of your final
marks. Word count should be clearly indicated and should exclude the bibliography (i.e. only the
main body of the essay counts).
All essays are subject to plagiarism check, which, if found, may be an offence, but most certainly an
ethical offence. This will be reported to the examination board and could result in disciplinary action
from the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB).
Deadline: Lecture week 6 (see lecture schedule). Upload as MSWord document (NO .pdf files) on
MSM MyAUAS site and hand‐in a printed version. Work that is submitted after this time will
result in a deduction of your final marks.Marketing and Sales Management (Fast Track year 1)
Grading Criteria
– The essay will be graded on insight, understanding, viewpoint, commentary, reflection, correct
citations and writing style.
– See corresponding assessment model in the module guide.