Each student decides what marketing topic to deal with in the report. The marketing topic must be expressed as a general marketing challenge

(problem, dilemma or opportunity) which a group of stakeholders experience. A relevant stakeholder group for this report is normally

interpreted as an industry or organization representing a set of companies within an industry, a group of customers, a cluster of different

related organizations, a multi-national company with different business units in different industries, an international or multinational

organization with multiple governing members, or simply a group of organizations or companies working together. The report should NOT only

focus on a single autonomous organization, business unit, company, person or similar individual stakeholder.

The report must include:

1. a clear outline of the marketing theme and why this interesting to study
2. examples of selected key challenges within the theme under discussion
3. information and quantitative data about the theme and key challenges
4. an analysis of the key challenges which identify potential root cause and consequences
5. a prioritization of the challenges and selection of the most important challenge
6. an discussion of potential solutions to the challenge
7. a recommendation of one specific solution to a key challenge and argumentation for your choice
8. an outline of the expected consequences for the key stakeholders of following the recommendation