managing operations and the supply chain

1. Find a company and outline their main products and services, customers and competitors. 10% of word count

2. Do a literature search on the 5 performance objectives (POs). Outline the strategic importance of these 5 in general and explain the Internal/External perspectives of these 5.

[For example if a company follows Just-In-Time internally it will deliver fast to external customers and vice versa. Don’t forget the arrows. The review is intended for building a conceptual framework to use in application to your company.] 45% of word count

3. For application, outline the 5 POs for the company, point out the relative importance of the 5 for your company [Ex. Quality, or cost or both]. On this basis discuss the company’s weaknesses and suggest improvements.

[For Dummies: Luxottika makes glasses for actresses: So Quality not cost is important. Improvement: reduce the quality gap of perception/expectation. Make in Italy, distribute to push retailers.] 45% of word count

Use logical words such as: As a result, therefore, in comparison, ipso facto, nonetheless. See Dr Piranfar’s Business Economics page for more academic expressions: