management consultancy

Your compositions should be about 250 words long.

You work in the Human Resources department of a management consultancy. It is one of your duties to co-ordinate the appraisal interviews of the graduate trainees at the end of their first 3-month probation period. The system is that you send questionnaires to key colleagues of the trainee at the end of the period, and then have a preliminary discussion with the trainee. You then write a report which is sent to their line-manager (Don Clifford) for further discussion with the trainee. Part of the report is your recommendation (or not) as to whether the trainee should go on to the next part of the training scheme.
You feel that 2 out of the 5 trainees you supervised are suitable for further training, the remainder is not. Write a report outlining your reasons for this decision and make further recommendations as appropriate.


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