The case write-up should be no more than ten pages (double-spaced, 12-point Arial font) in length, with a maximum of seven exhibits.
Two case reports on Qatar Telecom and ABB’s Hydropower Sustainability Dilemma
The student should write the case assignment from the perspective of the main character in the case whose business issue requires a solution or the perspective of a consultant advising on the next steps for the company.
The case assignment should include the following:
· Identify the main character in the case and their strategic business issue(s) or how to compete internationally

· Summarize the key case “question(s)” from the perspective of the main character, asking the question “what needs to be done now, soon, this year, in 3 years, in 10 years to successfully grow in a new market(s)”?

· Major institutional and resource-based opportunities & constraints in the home and new country markets as they affect strategic competitiveness

· Using the text, course tools, and supplementary tools and information, conduct an analysis of the firm, its current and future geographic scope, competitors, market, products, finances, people, operations, innovativeness, culture, and other business areas, to determine the root causes of the case issue(s) and/or identify potential globalizing factors and their firm impacts

· Go beyond the case facts in theorizing what the industry might look like once the geographic “footprint” has expanded, where the internationalization will/may occur, what the firm will be like in 2030 and 2050, and what the organization can do to stay relevant in diverse markets, grow through new global initiative and customers; ask what this company is doing/can do to become sustainable, how create uncontested market space, develop wealth for stakeholders, and enhance profitability/other objective measurements, and how such strategic goals are homogeneous or not across the firm’s global operations

Propose a solution(s) to the business problem(s) and/or assessment of the firm international competitiveness, as the case circumstances require. Create a detailed plan of action for the character/company to execute in order to solve their problem, enhance their competitiveness, and “win in the globalized/globalizing marketplace”, including the 5 W’s of how to execute on the plan

Suggested questions to analyze:

Case: Qatar Telecom (concepts covered in Chapter 16 on Textbook)

Describe the Financial Services industry in Qatar?
In the Qtel-Wataniya transaction, how were minority shareholders treated?
What changes are necessary to KSE’s corporate governance standards? To those at Wataniya? To the Kuwaiti institutions?
Review the OECD’s corporate governance standards (in an attachment here) and analyze the key corporate governance standards, as well as barriers to effective implementations.
Case: ABB’s Hydropower Sustainability Dilemma (concepts covered in Chapter 17 on Textbook)

How did ABB’s sustainability strategy evolve?
What are the sustainability-related trade-offs in a dam project?
What are the potential reputational risks associated with the NT2 project and the International Rivers letter?
Has Roscoe what would you do as of April 2010?
Do you suggest changing ABB sustainability criteria and/or objectives if so, how and why?