1. Texts in red are notes from the instructor, plz pay close attention to.
  2. Answer 3 questions, each answer around 800 words (the answer should in essay style)
  3. Recommended structure for writing an argument (paragraph):
  • Main argument
  • Support evidence (references + example)
  • Short & clear summary
  1. The key references mentioned in the notes, must be cited in the answer (for example, the consultant question has two key references)
  2. Related readings are in the seminar doc, you can use my university account to look for the articles you want.





  1. The offshoring of IT-enabled business processes (commonly referred to as BPO or BPM) to India is often presented as bringing benefits to Indian workers as well as UK and US firms. By contrast, some commentators suggest this mode of operation is unsustainable as the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.  Discuss the merits and limitations of offshoring, noting issues of future sustainability.

(100 marks)
win-win —- controversial

who benefits

who lose out?




  1. Consultants are seen as major contributors to the process of generating management fads and fashions. Critically evaluate the scope and impact of consultancy on business and management.  Use an example/examples to illustrate your argument.

e.g. Lean Manufacturing? Gig-economy?

(100 marks)


  • Fads & Fashions

Abrahamson as foundation

Cultural circuit of capital (thrift)

network of media, consultancies

management gurus, business schools


business process re-engineering

the information society


  • consultants and the consultancy industry

andy sturdy as key reference point

nature of consultancy expertise:

what do they do?

what do they claim they do?

examine the evidence

moving boundaries between consultants and management



  1. Critically discuss the following statement: ‘In twenty years’ time robots will have become a common feature of many workplaces, replacing human labour with automated, highly productive machines’.

(100 marks)

don’t have to agree with the statement

a good answer is to find the problems of the statement

useful because it sets the context for many of today’s debates about the future of work

key development: drop in costs, increasing levels of adoption, big data

key questions: distinguishing futurology from concerns about job shrinkage. Understanding the basis (confusion) for some of the claims


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