malignant neoplasm


Conduct a search for clinical practice guidelines which describe risk factor modification, interventions and/or treatment of malignant neoplasm. Select

3 clinical practice guidelines which examine the pathophysiological basis for malignant neoplasm.

Clinical practice Guidelines can be found in this web sites: ( published online in The Cochrane Library (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..)
Clinical Guidelines to Address Health Issue
Criteria Ratings Pts
Describe Three clinical practice guidelines briefly which address malignant neoplasm(pathophysiological risk factors, intervention) 3/guideline = 9

9.0 pts
Discuss the differences and similarities of these clinical practice guidelines 6.0 pts
Relate the evidence on which each is based and discuss how they might inform one’s practice. 6.0 pts
Formatted in APA (6th ed.) style, with a cover page, introduction, conclusion, and reference list. 4.0 pts