Major Revision of Order 193020197 +additional pages

In this order I would like to give a specific instructions on how I would like my papers done. First of all, this is not a new order, this is an old order needs a major revision, based on the instructors feedback. In the attachments you will find screenshots for the rubrics for all the 4 self reflections. The first three have the same rubric but the forth one has a different one. Also you will find in the attachments the screenshots for the written feedback shows you how to modify the old papers and what is missing. the Feedback for the first reflection is written by email and for confidentiality purposes I couldn’t take a screenshot but I will write it here (The Self-reflection needs to be longer as you address each stage in-depth of the FourSight Model). The course code and name is SOCS25288GD Group Dynamics and Creative Problem Solving Facilitation. I need an expert in this course to do the order please. I also want to know the exact number of papers I need for all the 4 Self-Reflections cause obviously 4 is not enough as we tried the last time. Thanks.

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