M3b Indexes and Execution Plans

M3b Indexes and Execution Plans


Gain understanding of execution plans and index creation. Learn how to use the Autotrace statement, create index statement and how to read the autotrace results.


  1. Using the student and faculty tables create a select query that outputs all students for a specific advisor. Generate the execution plan by first setting Autotrace on. Create an index that allows for a better join between the two tables. Again generate and display the revised execution plan using Autotrace. 

The commands for using Autotrace are as follows:




Submit the code to drop the tables and index, create the tables, insert data, run the select, show the execution plan, create an index and then generate and show the execution plan again. You must submit the code as scripts that the instructor can run from an SQL prompt on an Oracle DBMS. Your submission must include a description of the scripts, their actions, and the order in which they should be run. Your code must not have any “side effects” (that is, it must not do anything not listed in the assignment description, and all of its actions must be described in the program header).

Learning Objectives

  • Develop and demonstrate SQL and database administration skills

Grading Criteria

  1. Well-written code
  2. Code meets requirements