Los Angeles Valley College should institute a language code

Question description

We have all heard the term, politically correct language. Some argue that

it is an evil, politically motivated movement to limit our rights to

free speech. Others argue that politically correct language merely ask

us to be more civil and less offensive when we argue with others?

Are there words so offensive that they should be banned from Los

Angeles Valley College? Should any student or faculty member be allowed

to say whatever they want in a classroom or any part of the campus? Say

what they want about a culture group, an individual life style, religion

or sexual orientation?

A few years ago at California State

University, Northridge, a fraternity held a party which included the

printing of flyers that were offensive to latinas. The University

instituted a language code of conduct to eliminate public expressions of


Here is the resolution we are to debate:

Resolved: Los Angeles Valley College should institute a language code.

In your argument you need to describe what the language code should

include. Re-examine Chapter Two on Communicating an Argument and the

sections of this unit’s reading to present a valid argument.

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