Like to have it done on one of the following;

Basic Overview
The assignment is to create a PowerPoint presentation on a legendary figure, place, item, or event from world literature (1600 CE or earlier). It

should contain roughly 800-1200 words of text and some form or forms of other media (art, etc.). This length requirement will bend a bit depending on

the project type, so contact me with any questions you have.
Note that all writing in the project should be original; the projects will be run through Turnitin upon submission, and all distinctive matching

information caught by Turnitin must be formatted as a quotation. DO NOT copy-paste material without immediately marking it as a quotation and citing

it. Any multimedia (art, music) inserted or linked in the presentation should also include full bibliographic information.
All projects should have:
1. a title page
2. MLA style citations/works cited page.
3. The project’s text should be 800-1200 words long or so.
As long as the project has all of these items, you can let your imaginations roam a bit to come up with something really creative.

Guidelines for Choosing an Topic
The chosen figure/place/event/item should be known before 1600 CE and be primarily legendary or mythological, not historical. The presentation needs

to include a combination of information and analysis, so make sure to choose a figure, etc. that lends itself to analysis.

Required sources:
• at least 5 secondary/critical sources; 2 must be peer-reviewed
• at least 1 primary source (literary text, artwork) written/created before 1600
DO NOT rely on Wikipedia or as major resources for the project. These can be useful as effective ways to get started, but only use them as a

springboard to other stronger resources. The bibliography and further reading sections of Wikipedia pages can be particularly helpful in finding

additional sources.