legal framework that regulates recruitment and selection practices in the workplace.

HRMT 301 Assignment 1
Assignment 1 is worth 15% of your final grade.
In an essay of 1200–1500 words, answer the following questions regarding the legal framework that regulates recruitment and selection practices in the workplace.
1. What are the major types of legislation that affect recruitment and selection in a non-unionized workplace in your jurisdiction? For each piece of legislation, summarize the major rights and obligations it provides relevant to recruitment and selection. Include both substantive and procedural provisions in your list. (600–800 words)
2. Why is such legislation necessary? Your answer should include some discussion about conflicting interests in employment relationships and how employers can use recruitment and selection to advance their interests. (200–350 words)
3. How have these legal provisions positively impacted society, and where do they fall short? Do they offer meaningful protections to workers? Why or why not? (200–350 words)
Before You Begin
1. Your answer should be approximately 1000 words in length.
2. To reduce the length of your response, you may use point form to list specific information that relates to sections of legislation. Otherwise, use complete sentences and paragraphs.
3. Use headings to clearly indicate which parts of this assignment you are answering in each section of your essay. Ensure that your response directly addresses all components of the questions that are asked.
4. Common-sense responses or opinions alone are not sufficient. Your answer must demonstrate knowledge of the course materials and be based upon or reference an authority.
5. Clearly reference any information that you quote directly or paraphrase, including material you find in the online Study Guide.
All quotations and sources of ideas should be identified by way of in-text citations and a reference list. You must also acknowledge information you paraphrase (i.e., information you glean from a source and put into your own words), including material from the Study Guide or other course materials.
Use APA Style for citations of all sources outside this course website. For citing material from this course website, the author of this course is Jason Foster and the year of publication is 2015. If you quote material from the course website, use the lesson number instead of a page number in your citation: (Foster, 2015, Lesson 5, Notes).


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