Language assessment project

A.Select a typically developing child 3 years old, select and admistrater a comprehensive speech and language evaluation or combination of evaluations, submit copies of protocol books or other assessment forms used.
B. Written report summarizing assessment results that could be given to caregivers or other professionals. Professional terminology should be used, but then explained with examples.
Demographic information: brief description of child studied
Assessment procedures used, list of formal and informal methods used to gather information (VB-Mapp, observation)
Language Analysis, written summary of language assessment and analysis(semantics, syntax : list and analyze types of word combinations observed, morphology: list and analyze types of morphemes observed, speech sounds: provide a description of speech sounds observed and describe with examples any phonological patterns head., pragmatics : list pragmatic functions observed, play: list play skills observed and compare to Westby’s play scales.
At the end of the evaluation based on the analyses: choose at least 2 speech for the child, recommend at least 2 toys appropriate for the child’s current level of language, discuss any other speech and language support that would be appropriate for the child.


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