KPET 201 Term paper

KPET 201 Term paper
Think of this as two distinctly different papers, each being 1000 words (this equates to approx. 4 pages using double spacing and 12 point

font).Yes, TWO 4 page papers

When you pick a topic, you will research it using AT LEAST 3-4 reputable sources (no blogs, opinion pieces etc.). One source MUST be an actual

research article (can find these using )

Citing your sources – be sure to use MLA Format for your papers! Use this following link as your guide

MLA Format Papers: Step-by-step Tips for Writing Research Essays

Remember, you must complete a 1000 -word research paper on TWO different topics.

Here are your topic choices:

• Vegetarianism / Veganism
• Fad Diets
• Essential Human Movements and Locomotion
• Joint by Joint Approach to mobility, stability in our body segments and joints
• HIIT (anaerobic style conditioning) vs. Aerobic conditioning
• Explosive Training (power) and Plyometrics
• Methods to increase flexibility