Jack Ma,

Please carefully read through the uploaded document for more detailed instructions. I have attached my usual assignments through the course and a sample research paper to help guide you in your assignment.

Kindly read the sample paper carefully, noting how the writer addresses all the requirements of the paper. In addition, it is better to use quotes from the Northouse’s textbook to explain the basic tenets of the theories/concepts used. You will strengthen your paper if you provide at least some summary of the basic tenets of the theories/concepts used; acknowledge what might be some specific limits/weaknesses and/or assumptions the theories in analyzing the leader. This paper is not about leadership in general. The assignment requires you to discuss this leader through the specific lenses of the theories stated in the assignment. This will require you introduce and explain each theory and then provide specific examples from this leader’s performance as a leader.

The paper should (1) include relevant descriptive facts about the individual, (2) provide an analysis of his/her approach to leadership using the leadership theories/concepts discussed to provide insight into what makes the person an effective leader (traits, skills, followership, behaviors and styles), (3) offer a summary of leadership lessons to be gleaned from this individual’s experiences.

In addition, your research sources should be from Academic Journals, well-researched articles, and books. (Number of Sources: at least 9; can be more than 9). For anything that relates to the explanation of the theories in the paper, it is better to quote or paraphrase the words of Northouse (textbook) instead of outside source.

I would like to write my analysis paper on Jack Ma, who is the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group. Ma used to be an English teacher earning tiny wage in early 1990s in China. In 1999, he founded the website Alibaba.com, a B2B portal to connect Chinese manufacturers with overseas buyers. Within 20 years, in July 2017, Alibaba’s market cap reached to USD$389 billion. My suggestion is to analyze Ma’s leadership through trait approach, skills approach, LMX theory, transformational theory, authentic theory, and possibly behavioral approach. If you can relate Ma’s leadership examples to any other theories, you are welcome to do that.P(5.u)

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