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ITE 480 – Writing Assignment 1 (10% of overall grade)

Subject: Information Technology, my Focus Track, and Me


For this assignment you will examine your current thoughts and assumptions about the particular area of IT you have selected or are considering for your focus track: Web Publishing, Networking, or Digital Forensics.  You will assess your suitability (or unsuitability) for that area of IT for you.  The research for this assignment requires that you consult sources, including ‘yourself’ as a source, that will provide information about the specific area of IT you are planning on pursuing.


You will begin this assignment with a hypothesis, gather and analyze information from your various sources, and discuss the validity of your initial hypothesis, establishing why and how your potential chosen area of IT is (or isn’t) a sound, logical match for the person you are or want to become.


Your hypothesis regarding the area of IT you have selected should be included in an Introduction section.  A potential hypothesis statement would be Web Publishing (or Networking or Digital Forensics – replace with your main focus) is the Field of IT for Me.  You may include brief additional information on why you think this is the best direction for you but the details will be covered later in section 3.


The second section should include a description of what you believe and can document what really goes on in the specific area of IT you have selected.  Specific relevant details about your area of IT should go into this section.  This area requires at least four supporting references including at least one from an occupational outlook guide which as closely as possible refers to the careers related to your chosen area of IT.  Include if possible from this source information about potential working conditions, salaries, job availability, opportunities for advancement, etc. related to jobs in your area of IT. An interview or short discussion with an individual who actually works full time in your selected area of IT can be one of your sources of material for this section.  (Note: even if you are currently working in the field, you cannot be the only source of information — you must research and have references!)  Be sure to consider geographic location in your assessment as well.  Be sure to cite your sources in your References section.


The draft assignment should include the initial hypothesis and a discussion of your sources of career information which are discussed below.  The draft is expected to be a draft but should include at minimum these two complete sections.  The draft will not be graded for grammar but should be in the format specified at the end of this document.  It is expected that sections three and four will be added after the draft is submitted.


The third section should, as described above, be related to you and your fit for the area of IT you have selected.  Do the details you have discovered and documented in the third section suggest that you will or will not be a good fit for that area of IT?  How and why?  Your own experiences, interests, achievements, and aspirations should also be included in this section.  Experiences may include childhood or previous work experiences that sparked an interest in this area of IT. Descriptions of academic or other projects you have worked on which suggested to you that this




area of IT would be a good fit for you may also be included.  Describe the kind of work you want to spend the rest of your life doing and the goals you want to achieve as a worker in the particular area of IT you have selected.


The fourth section is a conclusion where you will revisit your introductory hypothesis where you will assess, in detail, the validity of your hypothesis in light of the information you have gathered and analyzed.  Explain why your chosen area of IT is or is not a good match for you.  Explicitly describe how, where, and why you see yourself fitting (or not fitting) into that area of IT and explicitly describe how that area of IT aligns with your life goals. Describe the steps you intend to take making a place for yourself in that area of IT.  Describe yourself, hypothetically, at work in that area of IT five years after graduation.


The final document will be a minimum 1000-word paper (not including References) in which you advance a hypothesis regarding you and your chosen area of IT, then validate or prove the truth (or disproof) of this hypothesis.  While you may not be 100% certain of your area of IT focus (which is perfectly fine), hopefully writing this paper will solidify your thoughts on this important decision.


References: Use APA 6th format for your citation (visit for a guide).    You MUST include citations for your reference articles or resources being reviewed.


Document Creation Guidelines – use the settings below

Margins:  Top  1″  Line Spacing:   Double   Left  1″  Font:   Times (or similar)   Right   1″  Font Size:  12 point only   Bottom 1″


Header:  Each page except the first page should have the author’s name, ITE 480, and a page number as a header.


Title:  Include a single spaced title on the top line of the first page that indicates the nature of the assignment.  In the title you should include the phrase ‘Information Technology, the ### Focus Track and Your Name’. Replace ### with the name of your ITE focus track (Web Publishing, Networking, or Digital Forensics).  This is NOT a separate document—it is part of page 1 of your paper.


Length: Minimum length is at least 1000 words.


Using different instructions than the above for fonts, font sizes, margins, titles, or headers or not meeting the minimum length requirement will result in a loss of points.


Document Name: Use Word to create this document and name the original ITandME_LastName_FirstName.docx


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