Is there a society in the golden age today?


Is there a society in the golden age today?
Research a civilization that you feel is in the golden age. Collect evidence like a historian to present your case .
1. Select a modern Society to research that you consider to be in a golden age.
2. Find at least one piece of evidence from each of the following categories to support the idea of a golden age for your chosen society to weave into

your essay
A. Artistic and or intellectual achievements
B. Medical, technology, and/ or scientific contributions
C. Economics
D. Politics
E social developments or humanitarian efforts
Evidence can include but is not limited to images sound files and text. Make sure to use at least three sources and ML a format to credit them in your

Write a 46 paragraph essay that explains why you think the society is in a golden age include the scription’s in details about each piece of evidence

you found edit your work proofread for accuracy spelling and grammar